Advance, Retreat, Advance…

So I have been on a little retreat, it doesn’t always turn our exactly has you have planned but I love how it did turn out. I planned to write a lot but instead took a lot of photos. It was so nice to just be away from all the normal things you have to do and today this little retreat come to an end…

So in a few hours I will venture back into suburbia from the little piece of heaven in which I have been into the life race that I am in. I haven’t come up with too many ideas of how I could transform my life to resemble even slightly what life is like up here in the country. It would involve not doing a lot of things in which I have no choice but to do…

So I need to find the places of solace in amongst the hustle and bustle of what it is. Looking through the eye of this camera lens has given me a new perspective on life too… I was taking photos which I could use on my Facebook pages and in my blog posts and what I discovered again is that the ordinary can be so magnificent if we change our glasses!

An old jewelry box which indeed was so special, and probably once prized has been relegated to a shelf on the window in the spare room. When I looked at it closely, it was SO intricate, the colours of the mother of pearl effect on it were so spell binding… and yet one such as this had possibly become more ordinary.

I wondered how many special things in my house, indeed my family and friends had been accepted as ordinary. When I look at them again afresh may I see with new eyes, open to the simplicity’s and intricacies of the things right under my nose, at my fingertips and under my feet!

So as I transition from retreat to advance…. Lord please help me to stop and smell the roses and look at them again for the specialty that they are. Just subtly tucked away from the conscious gaze of the people that pass by, particularly me… busy as I may be!



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