A slice of heaven on earth…

I’m away at my friend’s place in the country this week. It’s honestly a little slice of heaven on earth. I came by myself to spend some quiet time reading, writing, perhaps painting, and just getting some alone ‘me’ time.

Even though I spent the first several days here on my own I still feel as if time keeps on slipping into the future (sounds like a song title doesn’t it?) and I am missing using it the way I want even though its me using my time. Always so much to do and so little you know what!

Part of my plan of coming away was to write, to read, to rethink my current life schedule. You do realise we all have a ‘life schedule’ that keeps us ticking along. It is a good thing but when it gets a  bit lop sided its time to straighten it out again.

I wish I could bend time and squish more into it. I also wish I could just use my time at a pleasant pace and mozy along with it like the flow of a river, no such luck in this day and age! There is always something or someone to push you along like men that lead the dogs that drive snow sleds. What do they say to those doggies?  I think its ‘Mush Mush’. My life gets so busy it seems like mush!

So far in trying to streamline my life ‘procedures’ I think I have somehow successfully added more into my day and taken nothing away from it. This is not what I want. Its like the movie title ‘Something’s Gotta Give‘ in the end it does, and if we don’t do it for ourselves then somehow it gets done for us, and that is not the desired way to go about this.

Perhaps tomorrow when I wake up is a good time to really go over all of this and see what could give! I am sure there is some way to do it!


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