A searching heart…

You can only know God so much through someone else.. and then you have to know him for yourself.
That’s the way he made it. 

A personal knowledge, relationship with our creator makes no sense to the human mind. But the human heart is searching for the heart of God. And we will never find our wholeness and fullness and belonging until we find it in him.
God knows all things, he created man and he knows what is in the heart of man, but some are blind and will not see him or choose and follow Him. I do not understand it all but I know this… He made the way open by sending Jesus to pay the price for all of that evil, and by Jesus, he put in a ‘doorway’ that we could walk through and find him. 

The Bible says that All our of righteousness is as filthy rags… Do you know where the term ‘filthy rags’ come from? Filthy rags is a term to do with women’s periods, menstrual rags… And that’s what the Bible says of our goodness, that all of our righteousness/goodness is as filthy rags. 

And so Jesus gave his precious blood on the cross for us, to pay the price for our sins and become the doorway to God and heaven. Only his pure sacrifice could cover all of our sins and redeem us. Each person can only agree to this for themselves.

Its time to make your choice 
~ Cam Richmond~


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