A Course with Destiny


A Course with Destiny

A little look at your Newsfeed says it all, the world is in a state of turmoil, decay and collapse. 
It’s feels to me like a game of Jenga where you pull out one more block and then one more and anytime now the block tower will collapse.

When I look at what’s happening I completely understand the way people are feeling. Voicing their disgust and disdain for all kinds of things.

That’s what we should do right? I don’t think we’d be human if we didn’t.

But then on the other hand there are the others almost oblivious to the tragedies happening around them. I understand this but find it unbelievable.

I stand in the middle. I see and I speak. I love all people I’m not going to differentiate but what’s going on in the world is far more serious than the battle lines that have been drawn over marriage or the economy.

I think the world is on a collision course with destiny and so are each of us….

I am not religious, I don’t want to throw religion on any of you but if my thoughts strike a nerve of truth in your heart then you must be wondering the same things.

Take a step back from everything around you and ask what is this world coming to? Where is it going? What is its destiny?

Even if I didn’t have the beliefs I do I would have to seriously wonder what is next, I think I’d think that it had to be something catastrophic.

Ask yourself that question that people can’t seem to answer and then ask your self where you you fit into the equation? What is your destiny? What is your eternity?

The question is…
What is the meaning of Life?

Upon weighing all these things I can honestly only come up with the answer that I have.

I believe in God I believe in the bible… As unpopular as that might be. I believe in what the bible says and what it says is going to happen.

I believe God is our creator.
I believe he longs to redeem us from the decay of this fallen world. 

I believe he made the way open for all men but that men want to have and enjoy things that are outside the way God perfectly created it.

Yes, that means that there is sin, it means there are choices to be made. We are like spoilt children who want everything our own way.

At this point I’ve either sparked your interest or you’ve written me off.

If not then at least please consider!!

The way open to Life has been made open, it’s free for all, CHOOSE LIFE.

JESUS is the way, the truth, the life we all need.

Every man and his dog is giving him bad press, lies, twisted words, slander, mockery, accusing him, but he doesn’t need to say anymore… 

He said what he did, did what he did… that says it all.

When you strip all that THEY say about him away where will you stand?

I’m not here to have theological arguments. Just stating what I believe and what is truth to me.

~Cam Richmond~


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