The Main Question…


~The Main Question~

Dear friend,

I love how God directs our lives its like a script is running in the background and as we listen to him, get closer to him and follow the lead miraculous things can happen as they have in my life…

I’d love to share something with you…

A few months ago I watched this old Christian movie called ‘A Moment After’ it was made in the 90’s, but the story was powerful. It was about ‘the moment after’, the moment after what Christians believe is called the Rapture…

The bible says that Jesus is coming back again, and in the gospels there are many prophecies about the end times… What we are seeing and hearing about all around the world are the fulfilment of end time prophecy… My husband watches the news and the political goings on the whole mess going on with so many countries etc and all the different countries which are all heading towards fulfilling what the bible says will happen… they along with wars, rumours of wars, earthquakes, famines, financial ruin etc are all signs of the end times…

I had lost sight of the future and what I believe will happen in the future… I had got caught up in the here and now which is so awesome and I am so blessed to be able to do what I do which is all about trying to show people the way of hope. 

After I watched this powerful movie.. which was so well done… As crazy as this sounds I had to ask myself… Do I really believe that Jesus is coming back again?

 And when I pushed away my thoughts and went to my heart the answer is YES I totally believe Jesus is coming back again….

I have a passion to share this with people in a meaningful way… Not a bible bashing way at all… You see the thing is the way the world is going – anything and everything and the universe and ourselves are the answer – but how on earth can we save ourselves!! ???????

If I really believe that Jesus is coming back then I have to ask myself what does that mean for my life now and how I live… And I want to at least share this with the people I love and am close to give them the opportunity to ask themselves the same questions.

What do I believe? Who do I believe? How did we really get here? Did we get here through some big bang, some amoeba or some monkey, or aliens? Which requires the more FAITH to believe LOL And how did such ORDER come from such chaos? Or did a loving God create us, breathe life into us, and giving us the choice to choose what we believe – not force us, but give the choice for us to choose Him. He created such intricate details, systems, processes, human bodies which have a million miracles inside them as it is – how things work together, the fact that the earth sits on a 23.4 degree tilt and so we have season and are not wiped out or something  .

If the answer is God then… am I a god? Can I save myself or anyone else?

If I really believe that Jesus is coming back, then I want my friends and family to have a chance to KNOW him, to ask Him into their lives. So when I watched the Billy Graham message it touched my very heart and spirit… God is real. He has changed my life, my world, a million different things… and I just want to share this message with you… not bible bash you! I hope I do not offend you… but as I love you so very much I just want to share what I believe with you and I know you believe in God… This is saying I need salvation….

I wrote this the other day too:

This really is a question we need to ask ourselves. I’ve asked myself.. It all starts with ‘Do I believe in God?’

Having experienced him so clearly and amazingly in my life yes I do. I’ve also considered the alternatives and I think that it takes just as much faith to believe in that as to believe in a beautiful… loving… Creator.

If I believe in a creator then the path I choose is a simple choice… Not always an easy one though AND in the world we live in, where the colours are being drained and nearly everything is grey… It’s not a popular choice…

Grey is the current state of the world, for all its inspirations so many of them, if you really think about it really mean nothing… I cannot save myself, neither can an elephant if you believe in an elephant God, or Buddha who died, or the pope who is a man, rainbows   even though we love them can’t save us, and neither can being kind, or a crystal or an angel. The more the true values are being lost, God is being shoved out the back door and a great deception saying that WE have light and WE can achieve this and that is settling in and really it all boils down to nothing concrete. All the positive thinking in the world will not give me eternal life if that is what there is…. Contrary to popular belief all roads to not lead to heaven….

People like Oprah, bless her heart are leading people into total confusion… all the ways you can choose to find God… and in the end its an empty weight and mostly meaningless as we are NOT God. What kind of truth is that – you choose the way you want to get to God… If God is God then it’s not like a candy store!

I don’t pretend to know why, know all the answers to every question, understand how it all works together, what it all means but there are a few things I know!!!

  1. God truly amazingly deeply loves us.. Warts and all!

2. We need to choose, and not go with all the other fish in the river of life. They might be swimming the wrong way!

3. You don’t have to understand it all to follow Jesus… and you come as you are!

4. If God is GOD… Then why do we try to make him be us… We can’t save ourselves. We really are flawed creatures that need saving. If you were God… I wouldn’t be following you!  

5. Believing all these philosophies that are out there about God really means nothing. I think u have to stand for something or you do fall for everything… The message of ‘truth’ that people choose to believe has become SO watered down that it’s pretty much a lie….

6. The bible is clear about what it says about ‘end times’ I can’t ignore the FACT that the signs are happening ALL around US! So what does that mean? How long can we play make-believe?????? What is the point to this life? Maybe living in a bit of ‘reality TV’ rather than the fairytale of our choice would help!

Really all this bears our consideration. I think the time to consider it is now… Look all around you. What does it all mean? Are we living on the edge of eternity? The bible does clearly tell us about the signs of the times… and I am seeing them all around us… It’s in the news, it’s on TV. Its taking place every day all around the world.

So many people believe that by being GOOD, doing GOOD things that we can find our way to heaven but the bible says that the only one that is truly good is God. But we are only good, have any morals at all because of Him – the gifts he has given us…. our goodness doesn’t go to far.

The answer to all this is this…

I hope you will still love me after this! I’m putting myself out on a limb here. Really think about all what I have said over the next few days, you don’t have to make a choice right now but ask God to show you   This is NOT about religion and rules to live by… it’s about relationship and eternityIf you believe in God, pray purposefully and talk to him and ask JESUS to come into your heart. Confess that you need a Saviour and can’t save yourself and that like all of us we are sinners. Jesus has paid the price with his perfect sacrifice and through that he opens the way to heaven for all those who call on his name!

This is a prayer I copied from a church website… If you haven’tprayed a prayer like this before it kind of says it all…

“Lord Jesus, I acknowledge I have lived a life separated from you and have committed many wrongs. I ask you to forgive me and I ask you to be my Lord and Saviour. I choose to live from this day on with you as my Lord. Please fill me with your Holy Spirit and guide me from this day forward. Thank you Lord for loving me! Amen.

~Cam Richmond~

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