VIEW POINTS AND STANDPOINTS “Just because someone looks right and talks right doesn’t mean they are right! Ask God for ‪#‎discernment‬“ ~Paula White~ A comment that followed this quote was “Be careful with who you trust the devil was once God’s most beautiful Angel”   This is a very timely message for all of us. The bible says that in the last days there will be a great deception, and that is already happening around us. There are all kinds of messages preached that ‘sound’ good at first, and I see Christians liking the messages by the hundreds. Interestingly these messages line up more with the world’s view point but don’t line up with a biblical stand point…   A pastor of mine once preached a message that churches need ‘the word’ and ‘the spirit in equal proportions’. He said it you are more word based then you can possibly…

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~Spirit Soul & Body~

The way of the world is to do whatever feels good; the way of the world is BODY SOUL AND SPIRIT, which looks like this, for example…. A situation happens and I get angry….my first instinct is to react, I get mad, angry, frustrated (BODY), I start to think about it, I play the scenario over in my mind, I come up with all sorts of ways of dealing with this (SOUL), and then I start to cool down, I regain some balance, I realise I don’t want to respond like this, I know what the right thing is to do and I work on doing what God wants me to (SPIRIT). We don’t need to think to react like that, it’s our natural earthly response which happens automatically, but today I want to remind you that we are not just natural earthly beings, we were designed and created to…

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