~Normal, normal, where for art thou normal?~

~Normal, normal, where for art thou normal?~ I spend my life longing for normal. What is normal anymore? Will normal ever come again?… I feel that the older I have gotten the less normal that life has become. Even just with the changes that occur in people all around me there is enough to ensure that normal doesn’t remain… Our life is a constantly changing geography, a never ceasing shift is occurring through every day. It is a changing landscape. It reminds me of one if my favourite childhood books… ‘The Faraway Tree’ by Enid Blyton in which the land at the tip of the tree was always changing when the children climbed the tree. I don’t know if you sense it as I do but it feels like I am chasing normal, like a kids game where I am chasing someone but I just can’t seem to catch them. Perhaps the…

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