How deeply do you know Him?

~How deeply do you know Him?~ I am asking myself all these questions…  How deeply do you know Him? Its time to know HIM not just about Him. My prayer is ‘Draw me deeper Lord. Draw me close’. He is longing for a closer relationship with all of us than what we currently have… It’s obvious right? We know this but don’t always pursue this. Now more than ever in our lives is the time to KNOW Him. When the day finally comes that we pass from this world into the next, or even if we all find ourselves caught up together with Him in the clouds…. Will we know Him? Will we walk into His arms or feel sheepish that we didn’t get to really know Him before then? God’s love and forgiveness would take away all guilt and shame of course, but if there were such a thing as regret then,…

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Surely 10 more minutes can’t hurt?

“The universe is not short on wake up calls. We’re just quick to hit the snooze button!” ~Brené Brown~ I was waiting for the alarm to go off. I had set it to go off at 6.45 am and then I had allowed myself to snooze… just another 10 minutes… In my half sleep state I was slightly wondering when the next alarm was going to go off but I allowed the lull of the moment to keep me in bed and knowing the second alarm would surely go off when it was time…. The bed was warm, it was still dark enough, and it was cold outside. Perfect orders for staying in bed.   Finally I dragged myself into consciousness and looked at the clock… Hmmmm 7.26am. How did it get to that? Could it be that I didn’t hear the second alarm? Could it be that I slept through it?…

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