Lord help me hear your voice

Lord I humble myself before you. I hardly know what’s what anymore but I know your word. You have given us the pathway back to you. People are putting blockages in that pathway that deflect them and others from finding you today. Your word is truth. You are the way the truth and the life. No… No one comes to the father but by you. Lord help me to hear your voice ever so clearly in each and every moment. I raise my shield faith high Lord. I am reminded that you are my shield and my exceedingly great reward. I look to you. You stand for me Lord. I lift your word. I lift up your word above all else that is going on around us. Lord I pray for truth to be ringing out in this day. Let truth be heard. I pray for Damascus Road experiences in…

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His Words of promise

                            Today was a tough day… very very mentally draining at my work. Its like I am juggling 100 balls at times in trying to remember all the things that I have to remember to do and remind other people to do. Lately I don’t cope so well with it. It makes me race on the inside, I don’t like it, and I don’t see the end in sight, which is the nature of my job but some days I wonder how will I keep up? Today I also had a lot of things on my mind. In particular someone that I was praying for. I had one of those days that God was in the forefront of my mind, despite my stress levels. Every time I took a little break I was praying and talking to…

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We can rise above and He will carry us through

I woke up at 6:15am this morning and I straight away heard God speaking several things to me… He was speaking to me about how to rise above the circumstances. We cant get away from everything that is happening around us… We have to know how to get by when we are in the middle of difficult and challenging circumstances. I got a picture of an eagle gliding on the thermal currents. I know I have heard of this before but I wasn’t quite sure what it meant. I looked it up tonight and the explanation was fantastic. It said that the temperature over different parts of land is different – some hotter than others. For example in a desert as opposed to over an ocean. And there are pockets of cooler air and when the hot air touches the cool air it forces itself to rise above the cold air……

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The Valley Between

There is a valley between that elusive place of peace and happiness and the real life that we live in. I have been chasing peace and happiness…., just simple peace and happiness…. not even immense serenity and overflowing joy, just peace and happiness, a life without drama, a life with no illness, no doctors, no forms and paperwork, no out of the ordinary problems or dramas, a life without ill loved ones, people struggling, injustice and the list goes on. I believe life has a higher purpose and that is where I find my meaning. The things that used to bring me wholeness, joy, mean ing etc just don’t do that anymore… I see things through an eternal perspective and I know things here just keep getting more difficult, complicated and the way the world is going… diabolical. The more I hope for this peace here on earth the more elusive it seems. I…

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The Weight of the World

The Weight of the World   The world is in a really sad state of affairs. Everywhere I look, I see, hear and read things which are really so sad. One brother blames another brother. One calls out another, when there is already a speck in his eye. Lives are destroyed. When if ever will this end? Even sadder the truth that a lot of these people should know better. Don’t they realise in their well meaning stances they are exacerbating world crisis? The world is in a heightened state… I don’t know if you feel it but I do. Sticks and stones may break my bones but names WILL still hurt me… You know that feeling? When you don’t think there is anything wrong but then you notice the tension in your shoulders. I mean check yourself now? Do you need to consciously relax your shoulders from the weight…

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Where do you get your power from?

This afternoon my husband and I, and a friend of ours watched an episode of AD: Kingdom and Empire, made by Roma Downey. (It follows on from “Son of God” which I haven’t seen). It was the second episode after the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. The disciples were fearful, they were shocked, they didn’t quite know what to do. He had indeed risen. Now what!? They were hiding, the were being sought after and weren’t sure what to do. Then Jesus appeared to them, he told them to gather together and wait for the promise of the Holy Spirit. Watching this depiction was such a clear revelation to me. These disciples were chosen by God, God knew they could do it… But they were men like any of us today. At first they are afraid, they don’t know what to do, they are shocked. And then Jesus appears and shares with…

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