This day in history

Lord I go into this day knowing you know this day in history. You know what is to happen and what won’t. You know each person’s life story today, where they are at, what their needs are, where their hearts are. Lord you know who will be born and you know who will pass into eternity and where that will be because you know each persons hearts, their choices and their destiny. Lord as I walk into today, I know you walk ahead of me into it. Hold my hand when i need it, whisper you love me, nudge me to speak up, tell me you believe in me, give me the words I need at just the right time, shield me from dangers near and far, point me in the right direction and show me the way to go. Knowing that you are here and now, knowing that you…

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                            I have been praying for people to come to know Jesus in a personal way. I started thinking about being thirsty and I was praying that people would thirst. Jesus is the living water, the bible says if we drink from him we will thirst no more. I was praying Lord make people thirsty and then I realised that thirst comes from within. Thirst is not something that anyone can ‘make’ you feel. Thirst is something that is natural and comes from within, its a natural self initiated desire, an instinct that God has put within every human being. I had never thought of thirst in this context before. As I was praying about thirst then a word came to my mind and I don’t know if you have even heard of this before but I…

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We can rise above and He will carry us through

I woke up at 6:15am this morning and I straight away heard God speaking several things to me… He was speaking to me about how to rise above the circumstances. We cant get away from everything that is happening around us… We have to know how to get by when we are in the middle of difficult and challenging circumstances. I got a picture of an eagle gliding on the thermal currents. I know I have heard of this before but I wasn’t quite sure what it meant. I looked it up tonight and the explanation was fantastic. It said that the temperature over different parts of land is different – some hotter than others. For example in a desert as opposed to over an ocean. And there are pockets of cooler air and when the hot air touches the cool air it forces itself to rise above the cold air……

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He Knows the Intention of My Heart and He Loves Me

                          Sometimes I feel as if there is no one who really understands me. You know…. where I don’t have to try and explain it. You know your have those times when you try to think “Who can I talk to that will understand me?” and you can practically think of no one. Beautiful thing is that there is One who understands, and that’s Jesus. I don’t have to explain myself to Him, I don’t have to try and be understood. He knows me, He knows exactly where I’m coming from. He knows my heart. And he knows my weaknesses, He knows my flaws, He sees through them……. And I don’t have to be afraid because He knows my intention and He loves me…. And besides that He’s the one that showing me what is what, He speaks to…

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Pursue God and Pray

                        The best thing you can do is pursue God and pray It’s hard to believe the things I’m hearing It’s hard to see the things I’m seeing but God has opened my eyes for a reason I tried to make people aware but they really didn’t want to listen I thought it was obvious, that it was clear and black and white but they couldn’t hear it and they couldn’t see it. God showed me the futility in my words. The power to change and transform is not in my words it’s in His power So why did I see and hear? So I can know and pray? I quickly learnt… in a slow fashion 😉 That its not about my words but His. It’s not about my persuasion but His power ~Cam Richmond~ Please visit:  …

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Shifting sands

Shifting Sands Imagine your team playing. Imagine your team playing against a zillion other teams! Imagine your team is playing tug of war against a million other teams!!! I have this picture in my head of a lot of ropes inter-laid in a star shape and each team trying to get over the line to win. The problem is we are all meant to be on the same team. Call the team love, call it humanity, call it the world, why not even call it survival! Will we ever win when we are all on our own teams instead of pulling together? Basically there is no way that most of the teams are going to give up their game and join into one. Why is that? Because there is no unity in the world and no matter how much the minorities say it can happen and that we should give…

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