The gift of love is eternal… indelibly loved!

The gift of love is eternal… indelibly loved! The gift of love is eternal. When we give love, it just keeps giving. The precious words ‘I love you’ are never wasted even if there is no response to you sharing your love. Love makes and indelible impression on people’s’ hearts. It may not show that it has hit its mark today, but the mark is there and hopefully one day it will be acknowledged. I remember long long ago when I didn’t know how to say ‘I love you’ but the ‘I love you’s’ were in me. I didn’t grow up hearing those words, I just kind of knew I was loved. I learnt to love through my now husband and his precious mum ♥ My second mum. Love was their language and I felt the love, I knew I was loved and I was told I was loved. I knew…

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Blessed to be a Blessing… A message for Christmas and every other day of the year!

We are blessed to be a blessing – we can be a blessing to so many people… Just think about all the people around us and some are in need that we know of and some are in need that we don’t know of… If you listen to people you can read and hear the signs  and then its simple to follow through from there on in! I’ve been thinking that really… WE NEED LESS of things and we need to GIVE more of things… love, care, time, wisdom, so much we can give for nothing… and then practically… we can give something little that can make a huge impact. This Christmas season this is my focus… We don’t have to help every person we come across but usually there are plenty of easy, free, inspiring ways we can… People in financial need – we don’t need to give a lot,…

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God is always trying to give good things to us, but our hands are too full to receive them… ~St Augustine~ ~ The Answer I’ve Found ~ Feel free to like, tag, share and comment. If it speaks to you it may speak beautifully to someone else! Please find more writing and inspiration from my via my Facebook Pages:

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What Gift Can You Give?…

Each day comes bearing its own gifts. Untie the ribbons. ~Ruth Ann Schabacker~ It’s quite amazing to look around me and see the varying gifts that I believe God has given to people and see how He is using them and their gifts. We all have our purpose no matter how big or small we see that it is, it fits into the bigger scheme of things and it is a part of a building block of our world. I have been seeing how each one of our gifts fits into the bigger picture that God has for this world and we all need to play our part in whatever big or  little way it is! My friend plays the piano, she has played since she was little girl, there was a period in her life where she played all the time and many people got to hear her and…

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