Shifting sands

Shifting Sands Imagine your team playing. Imagine your team playing against a zillion other teams! Imagine your team is playing tug of war against a million other teams!!! I have this picture in my head of a lot of ropes inter-laid in a star shape and each team trying to get over the line to win. The problem is we are all meant to be on the same team. Call the team love, call it humanity, call it the world, why not even call it survival! Will we ever win when we are all on our own teams instead of pulling together? Basically there is no way that most of the teams are going to give up their game and join into one. Why is that? Because there is no unity in the world and no matter how much the minorities say it can happen and that we should give…

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The things we are fed.

What we feed on feeds us! I wonder if everything we see, read and hear from different sources is all propaganda of some description? I believe what I believe. You believe what you believe. They may be complete opposite beliefs… yet we both believe them. How can this be so? How do we really KNOW? People die and fight for what they believe.  And it might not even be the truth but they believed it is. How do we figure it out in a world filled with so many me-isms. (I will look after me – no one else will, look after No.1) How do we figure it out in a world filled with so many complete opposite versions of the ‘truth’? I guess it depends on whom you listen to?! Even the most seemingly reliable sources might be not telling what really happened, but it could well be what…

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I can say what I like….

Freedom of speech… Is there any such thing anymore? For years and years we have all had our opinions – the way it should be. And we gave permission to others to have their opinion because that’s what you do, and after all we don’t control everyone do we? Only ourselves! OPINION: noun 1. a belief or judgment that rests on grounds insufficient to produce complete certainty. 2.a personal view, attitude, or appraisal. I don’t think people are allowed to have opinions anymore… well not unless they conform to everyone else’s. Just saying. Just because you don’t agree with the other person opinion doesn’t mean they can’t say what they think, I mean its been that way for a LONG time right??? Can people say what they think ????? Or are we living George Orwells NOVEL 1984? I think the young generation think they know everything about everything these days…

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Know what you believe… Know why you believe… Know who you believe….

  Know what you believe… Know why you believe… Know who you believe…. What do you believe? How do you know who to listen to? I am asking myself this question right now as I hear all kinds of different responses to the current world climate, changes that are happening in the world and then are being discussed by Christians everywhere, who are then forming their beliefs based on all kinds of information. I find it very concerning to know who to listen to anymore, as the scales that I used to weigh my respect of peoples theology on can’t be used anymore. Perhaps its just that I have learnt now that I need to know what I believe the bible says and then go with that. There were people that I once listened to and took what they said for gospel, but not anymore as I hear things that…

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Truth Doesn’t Change…. Free For All

~Truth Doesn’t Change…. Free For All ~ Actually this is hard to write…. Scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed these days is pretty scary. Christianity, the church, and religion is under attack. Have you noticed? How could you not? A new message, a new Jesus, a new church is being preached by the world and causing a shift in everything around us and the people (who are the church) have a choice to stand or shift with what is popular now? Everything will be shaken but if we stand on the Rock, Jesus, we will not be shaken when it counts. The bible prophecies what will happen, what is in fact happening right now. Its hard to know what to do, what to say anymore. Can we hold back the tide? God has a plan and it will unfold. How it will actually unfold is not known to us until it…

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Who will you turn to?

A friend of mine shared a poster on her Facebook wall… the words were along the lines of this:  “We don’t need to get people to church we need to get them to Jesus” A friend of hers commented on  this and said: “People who are afraid of hell turn to religion.  People who have been to hell turn to spirituality.” This comment really didn’t makes any sense to me and its certainly not true for me either.  This is the way  I see it….  A lot of churches are about religion. If we are religious it wont get us anywhere, we can’t possible keep all the rules, nor for even one day…. But Jesus, Jesus on the other hand is all about relationship.  Being scared of hell had nothing to do with it for me…. I had always believed in God… and I found His reality in relationship with Him…

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