Once again encouraged…

Once again encouraged…


“When we hear each others stories, then we see the love of God in action and we are once again encouraged that He will continue to work His miracles in our lives”
~Cam Richmond~

Tell your story
Share the miracles
If you do even more miracles will happen!
Have you ever considered that this is one way to ‘pay it forward’?
Sharing the right words at just the right time can change someones day… it can change your day!

The fires that we want to fuel are fires of hope, peace, faith, love, joy….

One way to fuel these fires is by piling our testimony on the fire, sharing the breakthrough, the miracle, the small mercies and the answers that we found, the ways that God came through for us, the way He cared about all the little details of our lives and that he worked in our situation like only He could!

When we remind ourselves of the breakthroughs and miracles in our own stories we put fuel on our very own fire.

And boy, do we ever need to keep our home fires burning.
Don’t let the fire go out.

Fuel the fire with God’s word, with great music, with inspiring messages, with good company!
In doing all these things we are building our own faith and paving the pathway to our own destiny!

Romans 1:12

That is, that we may be mutually strengthened and encouraged and comforted by each other’s faith, both yours and mine.
When we hear each others stories, then we see the love of God in action and we are once again encouraged that He will continue to work His miracles in our lives!
~Cam Richmond~


  1. I love this, Cam. It’s so important for us to build each other up with prayer and sharing. When we see that we aren’t alone in our struggles, our load seems less burdensome. I am developing a whole new set of friends through this blogging process and it’s such a great opportunity for all of us. Thanks for your words.

    • That is for sure! Me too… all around the world and so many AMAZING divine connections especially through all my FB pages which I have listed at the bottom of each blog… this is the place where God has placed me to connect and share his hope and love =)
      Thanks for reading Cathy!

  2. Yes! I have a friend who shared testimonies all the time, and I thought, “I want that. I want to be that close to God.” Her testimonies encouraged me to open myself up to Him, so that He could open my eyes and ears to witness the things He was doing in and around me. Now I have friends who say, “I am so jealous. I want that.” I am humbled by God’s love, amazing grace and mercy toward me.

    • How wonderful Rene! Thats my goal to inspire others to inspire others. Very passionate about that and through all my FB pages and groups some AMAZING things are happening… Amazing connections and fires are being lit that can be spread. God is good! <3

  3. Amen! Yes, when we share our testimonies, it makes Jesus even more real and His love has enough evidence in our lives. Thank you for sharing and may God bless you!

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