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MyPsalm 8


MyPsalm 8

~MyPsalm 8~

Read Psalm 8 in your own bible.

Dear Lord,

My prayer today is for those in all kinds of need.
Lord every one of our days is written in your book.
That means you know what will happen in our lives.

Lord you do not force us to love you or serve you or trust you but you are always there and you care for us equally before and after we have decided to follow you and before we know you are there.

You know everything that will take place ahead of time.
There are no surprises for you because you go before us and you prepare the way.

Let your grace flow over everyone I know. The ones that know you and the ones that don’t.

Lord you see where there is pain, and where there is grief.
Lord you see where there is illness, and where there is hurt.
Lord you see where there is rejection, and where there is loneliness.

I thank you Lord that right now you are standing in every one of these gaps.

There is no gap you can’t fill. Open our eyes that we may see you and
know that you are with us at all times.


~Cam Richmond~

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