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This morning I realized some longings that I have. Specifically a longing for deep spiritual connection with like spirited people. I didn’t realise how strong it was…

To be able to share faith, understanding, revelations that come from God with people who are right on the same page, the exact wavelength, the same tribe…

I know you could say I could find that in a church, but it’s not really the church it’s the people… The people are the church. I love the individual connection spirit to spirit where what we each say feed each other’s soul and spirit.

It’s a very special kind of connection that goes far deeper than seeing people once a week it’s a deep heart thing…

I love that on Facebook we can share these kind of things in groups and in messages and if you realise, when people are writing they often share more than when it’s in person. That’s the beauty of Facebook and the ability to connect with the people on the other side of the world that God connects me with ❤️

I have a longing to connect on a level of sharing those heart revelations that both people are in complete agreement with because we share the same faith!

The best thing is I have the ‘tribe’ leader, the One who wrote the page, and the one who created my wave length with me ❤️

Just something to think about…

~Cam Richmond~

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