Eternity matters!


Eternity life

Just think about it… for a minute….
It takes as much faith to believe in evolution as it does to believe in Creation.
Elegant and amazing designs show off God’s handiwork…
Did we come from nothing? I don’t thinks so.

Our creator has a design and He has a plan… and its good for all eternity.

Find His eternal plan for you!
Consider eternity!
Consider what it means…
Consider your future and destiny, the how’s and why’s of it all…
Then consider what you want, where you want to be..
Choose you this day whom you will serve… as for me and my household we will serve the Lord….

~Cam Richmond~
The Answer I’ve Found

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  1. Very True Cam, Jesus as part of The Godhead or Trinity as They are called today, 3 in One, is The Creator as confirmed in Genesis and in 1John1.

    The difference Cam from Creation and the Evolution unproven Theory is we have proof they don’t, even those who are in the Church and claim they go together are in error but at least some of these will accept the Scriptures which show they are in error but sadly some won’t and this is the same with other Truths in Scripture, they reject them because they are still in darkness, blind and deaf because of their sin.

    If you would like me to Cam I will be happy to share from Scripture how we can have assurance that what we believe is True about Creation either through links or sharing in detail here.

    Christian Love in Christ Jesus – Anne

    • That would be lovely Anne! You go right ahead! <3

    • Thanks Cam, God tells us to stand up for His Truth, of course that means we won’t be very popular, many have itching ears, but we Love God because He first Loved us, so rejection by others, although it does hurt it’s not as important as our relationship with our Abba Father.

      God said He created the world in six days and it is proven in Genesis (see link below) and He tells us too that He created it to be inhabited not empty for Billions of years and we know Dinosaurs were with man on the earth, only they were called Dragons and are mentioned in Job and other Scriptures.

      Creation –

      We also know now that the world is round and it was recorded in Scripture when only God could have known it was, when all men believed it was flat. D.N.A is recorded too when they had no Pathology and also the real reason for Aids and both dating methods that are used to determine the age of the earth as long, have now been proven to be faulty in showing it is more than 4 to 6 thousands years old. Secular Scientists have never been able to create viable life and Christian Scientists don’t try, they know only God can create life. We soon will have a new Technology to replace money and Bank cards, this is also mentioned in Revelation.

      Yes Time is short… Jesus told us when we see the Birth pangs which is what we are seeing all over the World with earthquakes, fires , floods, droughts wars, etc that we will be the generation that sees Him return.

      Blessings – Anne.

  2. I think the popular thing now is that everyone seems to think that all people will go to Heaven when they die. I hear very, very little about anything else. It is a way to comfortably lull the people of the earth into thinking that their goodness is enough to grant them a happy eternity. Jesus is the only way, however. Thanks for the good post!

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